Feb 13, 2010 New Art Added

This time we add some new art, focusing one two versions of the same base aircraft. McDonnell Douglas’s DC-10. First we have the Air Force KC-10-30CF Extender. The 60th Air Mobility Wing as well as the 349th AMW (Air Force Reserve) based at Travis AFB in California operate this particular aircraft, s/n 82-0193. The print includes all the patches for the 60th and 349th as well as the 4 squadrons that share this aircraft. The 6th and 9th ARS active duty, and the 70th, and 74th ARS, Air Force Reserve. (artist note, as I type these words I see that there is a typo in the text of the test print that will be corrected on the final prints.)

Second up is a DC-10-40 that was operated by Northwest Airlines. N238NW is shown in what has affectionately been call the “Bowling Shoe” livery.

In conjunction with the Northwest print, I have created a new version with special background graphics. I call this the Northwest Farewell print. In 2009 Northwest merged with Delta Airlines. I decided that to mark the end of an airline that can trace its roots back to the golden age of flight I would put together a special print. This unique print has special background graphics. These graphics include the Northwest logo carried by the DC-10 in the later part of it’s career. I have included the dates for which Northwest operated, from 1926 when they were delivering mail to the final 2010 passenger flight, as well as the dates Northwest operated the DC-10, 1972 to 2007. Lastly I have included the names (and dates of the change) under which Northwest operated. I really enjoyed putting this print together. I think in the future I will try and do more of these type prints. I could do a who series of prints commemorating the last days of famous airlines. Email me and let me know what you think.

One last thing……. the Vancouver Olympics has begun, and good luck to all athletes……….. oh and ….. GO TEAM USA …..USA USA USA!