Feb 23, 2010 New Art Added

With each new caricature I find that my art is progressing. With this new print I think I have created a really cool looking art work. I have finally finished the E-2C Hawkeye. This aircraft flew with VAW-113 “The World Famous Black Eagles”. I had an opportunity to photograph this aircraft at the Pt. Mugu airshow several years ago. She is painted as the squadrons colorful aircraft and carries the Commander of the Air Group’s (CVW-14) name, Capt. “Miser” Thayer and the Deputy CAG’s name, Capt. Kevin “KC” Albright. The tail markings include each squadrons colors in CVW-14. At the time VAW-113 was station at it’s home port of Pt Mugu and assigned to CVW-14 and the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln. Let’s here it from all you Hawkeye fans out there. Let me know what you think. Your squadron could be next.

I hope to be adding Reaper caricature very soon, have a great week.