March 28, 2010 New Art Added

Well it’s late here as I finally get around to updating, but I need to add a few new caricatures. Recently I had a customer request a Boeing 767 caricature in TWA colors, plus he wanted it in the farewell print format. So here we have exactly that, a new caricature of the Boeing 767. As you can see it is just like the Northwest Farewell print but this version has the retirement dates of not only TWA but one of TWA’s pilots, Mr. Dennis West. This new option is a new twist on my Farewell series, with retirement dates for pilot as well as Airline. Now all 767 (and DC-10) pilots can have their very own commemorative print. So jump on the bandwagon and request your very own. I hope to be doing more airliners soon, which will added to the Farewell print series.

The second caricature we add is another F-102A, this time from the 199th FIS, 154th FW of the Hawaii Air Guard. This is another commission piece requested by a former ANG pilot that flew F-102’s with the 199th FIS. If there are any other HANG pilots out there fell free to email me and order your customized print. I also added a few tee shirts and mugs at my Zazzle store.

And lastly we add a new warbird caricature, a Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina. It’s amazing how much stuff I learn while researching these caricatures. I have been looking to do a PBY for some time. It’s a natural for making a good caricature. Like so many of my art works I sometimes start drawing and painting before I know exactly which paint scheme or unit markings I might choose. This was exactly the case here. As I worked on the caricatures I started looking up and reading about PBY’s and units that flew them. After a time I came across VP-73. I wanted my art work to have a bit of color so I knew that I would do an early WWII paint scheme carried by many US Navy aircraft, which had red and white tail strips and the red circle in US insignia ( note: most Navy aircraft painted out the red circle and painted over the red and white strips by mid 1942 so this aircraft is show before the change). I came across a picture of some VP-73 PBY’s (still carrying the red and white strips) that were stationed in Skerjafjordur FAB, near Reykjavik, Iceland, from May to Oct- 1942. During this time aircraft number 9, buNu 2459 was credited with sinking, two U-boats. U-464 on Aug. 20, 1942 (piloted by Lt(jg) Robert B. Hapgood, for which he won the Navy Cross) and U-582 on Oct. 5, 1942 while piloted by G.F. Swanson. Altogether this aircraft finished the war with an impressive war record. Credited with sinking 3 U-boats and damaging 4 more, which is a record for patrol/ bombers on sub duty. So what started out as a simple caricature turns into a tribute to those who flew in harsh weather to protect convoys in the Battle for the Atlantic. Take a minute to check it out. I really liked doing this art work and put as much detail and weathering as I could. I think its one of the better caricatures here on the site. It is amazing how my art grows and evolves. I look back on some of my earlier stuff and it looks so plain compared to what I am doing now. I hope you all enjoy them as much as I do in creating them.

Announcement!!! I have sent in my application for vendor space at the upcoming Planes of Fame Airshow in May. This annual airshow showcases the museum’s flyable aircraft and many other warbirds. It is one of the best shows for those that love warbird aircraft. I hope to have a booth at the show where you can come by and see the art up close, buy your favorite print and to say Hi. This will be my first airshow, so I hope everyone can come out and support Blackheart Art. Once I am confirmed, I will let you know. I have also completed a new print especially for the show. This print will be available only at the show, so make your plans now. May 15-16th, 2010.

Well that’s it for tonight. I noticed I have not posted the second Ju-87 which I did awhile back so I will get around to posting that next time. Have a good one and I hope you enjoy the art. As usual if you have any suggestions for new caricatures please drop me a line.