March 9, 2010 New Art Added

Good day my friends! Today we have 4, yes 4 new caricatures. Over the past few weeks I have been working with the Commanding Officer of MALS-11 down at MCAS Miramar on a special print. He was looking for something a little different to use as a parting gift, when members of the squadron move on to other assignments. His idea was to have all the fixed wing aircraft they provide logistics for to be part of a special print. To that end I have been creating caricatures of the 6 Hornet squadrons and the KC-130J Squadron that are based at Miramar. I have already posted several, Hornets plus the KC-130J. Today I add the rest of the Hornets. First up we have a F/A-18A++ from VMFA-314 “Black Knights”. While I have tried to use each squadrons colorful commanding officer’s aircraft, VMFA-314 really does not have a aircraft painted in colorful markings so here we have an example of the low viz scheme with just a touch of color.

Next up we have two F/A-18D’s. One from VMFA(AW)-121 Green Knights and one from VMFA(AW)-225 “Vikings”. The Hornet from VMFA(AW)-225 looks to be caring a form of nose art and had the name “Miss Understood” on the fence, or dorsal fin located on the LEX part of the wing. The Green Knights have the name Joe Foss on their dorsal fin, in honor of the famous World War II Marine pilot. This should complete all the fixed wing squadrons based at MCAS Miramar. So lets hope all those squadrons see their aircraft caricatures, and thank the members of MALS-11 for bringing them to life. Imagine these fine art works gracing the walls of your ready rooms, or better yet being sold at the annual airshow, just imagine the amount of money you could raise selling these fine art works.

Last up today we have the newest flavor of the month. The MQ-9 Reaper. This example is from the 29th Squadron which is part of the 49th Wing based at Holloman AFB. The 29th began Reaper operations out of Holloman on Oct. 23, 2009 under the command of LTCol James Merchant.

Well there you have it, the latest caricatures. I hope you enjoy and see something you like. As always please feel free to let me know what you think and any suggestions that you may have. It’s time to sit back and work on some new fresh caricatures. So I am going to grab my pencil and start working a few new aircraft. I think in honor of the coming retirement of the Australian F-111’s, which will bring an end to this fine aircrafts career, I will see what I can do with that great plane. I also want to do more airliners, maybe a 747, or 707, plus I have a request for a CRJ (Canadian Regional Jet) so look for those soon. Anyway thanks to all and see you next time.