April 27, 2010 New Art Added

Hello again, today we bring you a new/updated art work. One of my early caricatures was a Spitfire. At the time I was unsure what paint scheme I should pick so I just had fun with it and did my own scheme. Anyway I have been improving my skills and thought, why not revisit that old caricature, besides the Spitfire is world famous and a fan favorite. I figured I should have at least one historical profile. So here you go. A Supermarine Spitfire MkVb. This caricature depicts the Spitfire which Wing Cdr Robert Stanford Tuck was flying when he was brought down by flak during a low level mission in Jan. 1942. At the time Cdr Tuck was credited with a total of 27 victories plus 2 shared. I may do a couple more Spitfires as I would like to do a recon version in the pale blue scheme or one with the tropical filter hanging off the front. I have always liked the way this caricature came out. It really looks proportional and yet it has a very curvy look just perfect for a caricature. Some planes are very hard to make look good as caricatures, but other like the Spitfire work out great.  If you have any suggestions for future Spitfire art works or are interested in purchasing a print of this great aircraft, just email me.

April 22, 2010 New Art Added

Well I just completed my first World War I aircraft caricature. A SPAD XIII flown by 1Lt Edward V. Rickenbacker (later promoted to Capt). This caricature depicts the Kellner built SPAD XIII S4523 with short exhaust stacks. Rickenbacker finished the war with 26 victories, the highest scoring ace in the USAS. He won the Medal of Honor for a mission flown on Sept. 25, 1918 when he downed a D VII and a Halberstadt two seat German aircraft. There were two Halberstadt’s on an photo recon mission, escorted by 5 D VII’s. 1Lt Rickenbacker was on a lone patrol when he attacked and downed one of the D VII’s then attacked the two Halberstadt’s, flaming one. With the escort regrouping he headed home. It wasn’t until Nov. 6th, 1930 that Cpt. Rickenbacker was awarded his Medal of Honor for this mission.

Also I am adding a custom caricature that I just finished for a customer. A Bombardier Canadair CRJ-100ER. This caricature was commissioned by a pilot flying for Comair to commemorate his first operational flight in the CRJ. This CRJ is N967CA operated by Comair in Delta Connection livery. You can check it out in the “Custom/ Civilian” section. This just adds another airliner to my growing collection. Now any and all CRJ pilots out there can have their very own custom caricature. Just email me and I will hook you up with an awesome commemorative print.

Remember we will have a booth at the annual Planes of Fame airshow in Chino Ca. on May 15-16, 2010. Please come by and say Hi if you get the chance. This is will be our first attempt at being a vendor at an airshow so support the cause and I hope to see you there.

April 13, 2010 New Art Added

Hello everyone. Well its official, Blackheart Art will be a vendor at the upcoming Planes of Fame Air Show, May 15th and 16th, 2010, in Chino CA. This will be my first air show (as a vendor) and I hope that many of you can attend. I would love to meet fans of my art. I have put together a special print that will be sold exclusively at the show. It is a P-40F from the 325th FG, the Checker Tail Clan. The paint scheme is of a P-40F-15 s/n 41-19896 flown by 1st Lt. Walter B “Bud” Walker Jr. 1st Lt. Walker flew with the 317th FS out of Mateur, Tunisia in 1943. On 7-30-43 he shot down 3 Me109’s near Sardinia. For this exclusive print I have added some nose art, “City of Chino” and a civilian N-number N2010PF, to commemorate the Planes Of Fame 2010 Air Show. This P-40 is painted in similar colors as the Planes of Fame P-40 when it appeared in the film Valkyre. I added a faded background map of the 325th FG’s area of operations during that time period, for a different kind of look to the regular prints I have on the web site.

I have also just finished my second helicopter, an MD530F for the Las Vegas Metro Police Dept. Hopefully this will be the first of several MD-500’s.

Lastly I have finally added the second Ju-87 that I did last year. For some reason I never added it to the web site. I hope you enjoy.

Okay, one more last thing. I have just completed the drawing and inking of two WW I aircraft. A SPAD XIII and an Albatross DV (which I just might modify to a DIII as well) So look for those soon. And Yes I still have the tanks on the back burner. I will get to those.

April 1, 2010 New Art Added

Happy April Fools day! So how many times were you fooled today? Well no fooling here, today we add our first General Dynamics F-111 Aardvark. First up, (I hope to do at least one more in USA markings, unless there are orders for more… hint hint hint) we have an Royal Australian Air Force, F-111C from 6th Squadron based at Amberley, Queensland. The paint scheme is in celebration of the units 90th Anniversary. Late this year the RAAF will retire their F-111’s and transition to F/A-18F’s. No 1 and 6th Squadrons will be making the transition. No 6th Sq acts as the training squadron. I will see if I can do a No 6th Sq F/A-18F and put both the Hornet and Aardvark in a special commemorative print. Australia is the last and only other country to operate the F-111. The US retired their F-111’s in the late 90’s.

Look for a USAF version of the F-111 soon. Now that this caricature is completed I just need to figure out which unit to do next….. anyone have any suggestions please don’t hesitate to email me. Keep the memory, of this great aircraft alive, and order your print now. Custom markings for your unit are just a email away.