April 1, 2010 New Art Added

Happy April Fools day! So how many times were you fooled today? Well no fooling here, today we add our first General Dynamics F-111 Aardvark. First up, (I hope to do at least one more in USA markings, unless there are orders for more… hint hint hint) we have an Royal Australian Air Force, F-111C from 6th Squadron based at Amberley, Queensland. The paint scheme is in celebration of the units 90th Anniversary. Late this year the RAAF will retire their F-111’s and transition to F/A-18F’s. No 1 and 6th Squadrons will be making the transition. No 6th Sq acts as the training squadron. I will see if I can do a No 6th Sq F/A-18F and put both the Hornet and Aardvark in a special commemorative print. Australia is the last and only other country to operate the F-111. The US retired their F-111’s in the late 90’s.

Look for a USAF version of the F-111 soon. Now that this caricature is completed I just need to figure out which unit to do next….. anyone have any suggestions please don’t hesitate to email me. Keep the memory, of this great aircraft alive, and order your print now. Custom markings for your unit are just a email away.