April 22, 2010 New Art Added

Well I just completed my first World War I aircraft caricature. A SPAD XIII flown by 1Lt Edward V. Rickenbacker (later promoted to Capt). This caricature depicts the Kellner built SPAD XIII S4523 with short exhaust stacks. Rickenbacker finished the war with 26 victories, the highest scoring ace in the USAS. He won the Medal of Honor for a mission flown on Sept. 25, 1918 when he downed a D VII and a Halberstadt two seat German aircraft. There were two Halberstadt’s on an photo recon mission, escorted by 5 D VII’s. 1Lt Rickenbacker was on a lone patrol when he attacked and downed one of the D VII’s then attacked the two Halberstadt’s, flaming one. With the escort regrouping he headed home. It wasn’t until Nov. 6th, 1930 that Cpt. Rickenbacker was awarded his Medal of Honor for this mission.

Also I am adding a custom caricature that I just finished for a customer. A Bombardier Canadair CRJ-100ER. This caricature was commissioned by a pilot flying for Comair to commemorate his first operational flight in the CRJ. This CRJ is N967CA operated by Comair in Delta Connection livery. You can check it out in the “Custom/ Civilian” section. This just adds another airliner to my growing collection. Now any and all CRJ pilots out there can have their very own custom caricature. Just email me and I will hook you up with an awesome commemorative print.

Remember we will have a booth at the annual Planes of Fame airshow in Chino Ca. on May 15-16, 2010. Please come by and say Hi if you get the chance. This is will be our first attempt at being a vendor at an airshow so support the cause and I hope to see you there.