May 13, 2010 New Art Added

Well here we go. The big push to get ready for the Planes of Fame airshow is in full swing. We are down to the last day or so of prep work, getting the booth ready, prints indexed and boxed. This is going to be a crazy weekend. Wish me luck.

Oh and I would like to thank all the fine men and women at the Pasadena Police Department air support division. They put on a great Helicopter Awareness day and BBQ, the other day, and where kind enough to invite Blackheart Art to attend as a vendor. Each and everyone connected with the event went out of their way to make sure everything went smoothly and made sure we had everything we needed. They even allowed me time on the flight line so I could “gather intel” as one office put it, grabbing pictures for future caricatures. Thanks to all and I look forward to next year. Oh and congrats to Burbank PD for winning the raffle and the custom caricature of their MD520 NOTAR. I look forward to working on that one.

Okay just in time for the Planes of Fame airshow I present two new P-51D caricatures. First up the Mustang flown by legendary pilot Chuck Yeager. This P-51D is named “Glamorous Glen III“. Capt. Yeager flew this aircraft when he was with the 363rd FS/ 357th Fighter Group. His final WWII tally was 11.5 victories. Next up we have one of the top scoring Mustang aces of WWII, Maj George Preddy and his “Cripes A Mighty 3rd“. Maj Preddy downed 4 aircraft in one mission in this aircraft (one kill was later changed to probable) then on Aug. 6th 1944 he scored 6 Me-109’s in one mission. The most of any pilot with the 352nd.

So there you go. these will be the last updates added before the airshow. Remember, if you are coming out to the airshow this weekend, please stop by the booth and say Hi. I would love to meet some of my fans.

One last add. I will be phasing out my 11×14 size prints and moving to a slightly bigger size. Once out of 11×14 sixes, we will be offering a 11.5×16.5 size print. These prints while slightly lager are also heavier. The cost will be $35 for the new size prints. This is not to much of an increase when you consider you are getting a bigger, heavier print.

Well that’s all for now. Have a good one and wish me luck.