May 6, 2010 New Art Added

Today we add a couple new caricatures. First up, is a updated Hornet flown by VMFA-232. I have been working with the CO of MALS-11 down at MCAS Miramar, for several months now, to create a print they could use as a retirement/ presentation gift. Instead of a plaque they wanted to do something different. They ordered a print that included all the squadron aircraft they support. MALS-11 is the oldest squadron in the Corp and they support all the fixed wing squadrons based at Miramar. So the print includes a caricature of each squadron, VMFA-323,232, and 314, VMFA (AW) 225 and 121, VMFAT-101, all Hornets both single seat and 2 seat versions, and the KC-130 Squadron VMGR-352. The MALS-11 unit patch is the center piece. Well I received the good news that they wanted the print. They also sent along a set of pictures updating me as to the change in markings for one of the Hornets. All the aircraft on the print depict the squadrons colorfully painted aircraft. It seems that VMFA-232, the “Red Devils” changed their paint scheme. So I updated the Hornet I had completed months ago to accurately portray the new scheme. The aircraft now shows a paint scheme that is very reminiscent of the paint schemes the unit carried on their F-4 Phantoms back in the 70’s. I like this scheme more the the previous one and I am so glad they used something other then black which seems to be a trend with allot of squadrons. Hopefully I will get the MALS-11 print up on the site soon so you can all see it, and maybe it will give the commanders of other squadrons ideas… hint hint hint.

Next up is a new MD500E caricature. Pasadena Police Department recently acquired a brand new MD500E to add to their fleet of helos. I had the pleasure of meeting the guys at their Air Operations unit and got to photograph a couple of their helos. They are a good bunch of guys and have even invited me to their annual helo day and BBQ, where I will be a vendor. So here is their new MD500E caricature.

Lastly something fun. I was recently asked to come up with a design using one of my aircraft caricatures, that could include a sports theme and the name and number for my nephew. He plays football and volleyball for Temple City High School. My sister wanted something different and something she could put on a tee shirt and give to him as a birthday present. I had just finished the SPAD and thought it worked out perfectly. So here is a custom painted Spad XIII. Ohh and shhhhhh, his birthday isn’t till Tuesday the 11th so don’t tell him. I had fun with this one and just so you know there is also a volleyball version and could be a basketball version soon. It is just that easy to have a custom caricature. So feel free to email and ask for yours today. While I do this for the love of the art, it is still how I make much need $$$$.

Last add……I can’t believe it is just over a week before the Planes of Fame Airshow. Time feels like its slipping away. As this will be my first airshow as a vendor I am desperately getting prints made and hope to have enough for the show. If anyone out there is coming and wants to order a print now to pick up at the show (which will save shipping costs) please feel free to order the print now and I can have it ready for you at the show.

See you at the Show!!!