June 15, 2010 New Art Added

Wow it seems like forever since I added any new caricatures to the site. Hopefully that will not be true for to long. Today I add a special caricature. This particular art work is the raffle prize that Burbank Police won at the Pasadena fly-in. They have three MD-500N’s which operate as part of the Burbank Glendale Joint Air Support Unit. They choose to have their newest 500N be the subject of this caricature. (I looks like they may also have the other two helos done as well) This then is MD-500N N103CG. I think this caricature came out really well. There is allot of detail in there. Plus the colors look really good. It was a pleasure working with these guys. I had the opportunity to go out and shoot a few extra shots at their hanger and they were very helpful and informative regarding the helos and the differences between each aircraft. Really good bunch of guys and I really want to thank them for their assistance.

So what’s next. Well I have another commission on the board. That would be a Bell 412 helicopter. This one in the colors of the LA County Fire Dept. So it looks like I will be staying with the helo’s for a little bit longer. Speaking of helos I am also drawing up a AH-1 Cobra as there was lots of interest in a Cobra caricature. I am also drawing a B-29, B-26, F-100, F-105, SR-7, F-35 and a DC-9. So look for several new caricatures soon. The B-29 is something I added after reading “Masters of the Air” by Donald L. Miller. This is a very good book detailing the Eighth Air Force during WWII. In there I learned that Col. Paul Tibbets flew lead on the first Eighth Air Force daylight raid against German, and obviously he is best know for flying Enola Gay and dropping the first atomic bomb. I thought it would be fun to have his B-17 and his B-29 on the same print. first bombing mission and one of the last missions of the war. Also the F-100 will be a nod to all the Misty pilots out there. After reading “Bury Us Upside Down” by Rick Newman and Don Sheppard (himself a Misty pilot) I had to create a caricature to honor those brave men. If you haven’t read this book, I highly recommend it. I think I will also repaint my A-1 Skyraider into USAF markings for all the Sandy pilots out there. Well that about updates everything so far. If you have any suggestions as to markings for any of these forth coming caricatures let me know. If you flew any of these great aircraft I would love to hear from you.

One last add. I have just about finished a USAF F-111. So all you F-111 fans will finally have a US version.