July 22, 2010 New Art Added

Good afternoon to you. Today I have one new caricature to add to my collection. This art work is one I have been wanting to do for awhile. I had her sitting on the drawing table for longer then I should have. But paying gigs take priority so I kept pushing her back. Sounds good right….. well truth be know I hate lettering and I cheat every chance I get. This time I, for some reason, just had a hard time with the lettering. So I kept putting it off….. anyway I finally found a few good close up views and recreated the nose art. Here is another air racer, and one of my favorites to boot. For some reason this little racer just screams Golden Age of Air Racing. “Czech Mate” is heavily modified Yak-11. First conceived by Bob Yancey who was a race veteran, flying his F4U Corsair, the Yak took shape. Yancey started with the basic 700 hp trainer and proceeded to apply good old American hot rod mentality to the project. He traded up in the engine department by fitting a massive 2,200 hp P&W R2800-CB-10 to the airframe. Replaced the fabric covered fuselage, which would never hold up to race speeds, and added a racing canopy. The aircraft preformed well under the name “Perestroika” and soon found her way into the gold races. The aircraft changed hands a few times and was acquired by John and Marcia Moore who named her “Czech Mate”. They added a few mods, namely a taller tail, and today Czech Mate is a solid contender at the Reno Championships. I hope you enjoy.

Remember all prints are available in 2 sizes 12×17 and 8.5×11. Prices are very reasonable. I also do commission works. So if you see anything you like please don’t hesitate to email me.