August 14, 2010 New Art Added

Okay here we go. It has been awhile since I updated. You got to hate those computer issues that force you to rest to factory spec’s, reloading all programs and stuff.

First up today is a commission I recently completed for a customer in Oregon. He wanted a caricature of a Globe Swift. He owned the aircraft back in the 70’s. It was a real interesting aircraft to work on.

Next is my second World War I aircraft and one of my favorites from that war. I have always thought the Albatros D V was a very clean and sleek aircraft for its day. This Albatros was flown by German ace Ltn d R Ernst Udet, while operating with Jasta 37. Udet finished the war with 62 kills and if I am not mistake was the highest scoring German ace to survive the war. Udet had a streamer attached to his aircrafts elevator, but I did not what to add space to the rear of the aircraft so I extended his scarf. I will probably be adding another Albatros as there are a few with some pretty colorful markings out there.

Lastly here is something a little different. In my youth, which today seems light years ago, I was a fan of a BBC TV show called Thunderbirds. It was a show created by Gerry Anderson that featured puppets instead of usual hand drawn animation. The show chronicles the exploits of International Rescue, a organization created by Jeff Tracy and his family. The had All sorts of aircraft and space vehicles numbered 1-5 dedicated to global rescue efforts. I was always partial to Thunderbird 2, which was a huge VTOL heavy lift vehicle that carried a massive interchangeable pod in its center section. These pods carried rescue equipment tailored to which ever mission was needed. Here I have tried to capture Thunderbird 2 in my own special caricature style. This may start a whole new category of caricatures from TV and Movies. I think I might try a Viper fighter from Battlestar Galactica next, or maybe a Star Wars X Wing. They should make cool caricatures. If you have any suggestions please let me know. It’s always fun to expand out side the box and try new things.

I would like to take a minute to thank all the fans of my art for following this web page and I hope you enjoy the art. It is greatly appreciated.

Also there was a gentleman out there that sent me an email regarding my EC-121 caricature. He brought to my attention that the markings and patches I had on the art work were good but that they were slightly inaccurate. Sometimes when doing a caricature of older aircraft and researching units and bases it’s difficult to fine examples of the older unit logos. This was a example, finding 1960 era patches for current squadrons usually leads to the current versions. So I used the more current example. Anyway long story short the gentleman sent me a picture of the patch and suggested changes to the logos on the tail of the aircraft as well as the base where the unit was locate in the 60’s. I have made those changes, but due to the recent computer issues I have lost his email address. I can only hope he reads my updates and will email me. Once I get a watermark on that new version I will be posting it to the site.

Ohh and there will be a new Seafury coming soon. I have started painting and should have it completed in a few days.

Thats it for now……. oh if you are a movie buff… FYI Scott Pilgrim vs the World is a very good, fun movie and if you were thinking about the Expendables…… save you money.