Sept 17, 2010 New Art Added

Hello everyone. It has been awhile since I updated. Even without the updates I have been busy. Besides all the caricatures and stuff, my nephew is beginning his final year of high school and play varsity football. I have been “drafted” to help out the booster club and have designed buttons and tee shirt designs for the team. Also I have been putting together a year end annual for the players. Go RAMS!!!!!

All that aside I have been working on several caricatures. Currently I have been putting the finishing touches on a Australian Blackhawk for a customer who flies the helo. I am also working on a CH-47, again for an Australian customer, and I have a order for an A-29 Tucano that operates with the Dominican Republic AF.

Today I add a couple of different kinds of art for your pleasure. I was talking with a gentleman who makes patches and he suggested doing some caricatures that had “A little more caricature”. Sounds strange but I sat down and tried to do something other then side view. I settled on an F/A-18E as it would apply to so many squadrons today, and came up with a VFA-137 “Kestrels” CO aircraft. Please let me know what you think. If this style appeals to everyone I might try it with more aircraft. When I finished this caricature I tired my hand at using it as a basis for a patch design. I used the current VFA-137 patch design and incorporated the caricature. The unit colors on their patch were dark blue edged with orange, but I wanted to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of Naval Aviation that was coming up next year and used a lighter blue edged in gold. I think it came out pretty cool. Any squadrons out there here is a cool idea for a special patch for the coming anniversary…. hint hint hint.

Wow I just realized that I did not add two caricatures that I completed a month ago. My bad. Lately I felt the urge to re-visit some old caricatures I had done early on and try to improve the look. The Hawker Seafury was a natural choice. There are several flying today and many race at Reno. Naturally I started with a military version and picked the Mig killer Seafury flown by Lt. Peter Carmichael of No 802 Squadron. Several Mig-15’s jumped 4 Seafurys in Aug 1953, and made the mistake of tuning with the slower propeller aircraft. While several Seafurys got shots off at the Migs, the Navy decided that it was Charmichael who would get credit for the kill. After completed that Seafury I decided to turn to one of the most famous Seafurys. “Baby Gorilla” was a FB11 Seafury owned and raced by Lloyd Hamilton for many years. I want to document the different paint schemes carried by this Seafury during here flying career. First up is the paint scheme she carried after Mr Hamilton purchased the aircraft. (A quick note here: prior to this, she carried an almost identical scheme in red. ) Next I will do Baby Gorilla in her most famous sea foam green and light gray scheme similar to a military scheme. She is currently undergoing a restoration by her new owner in Europe.

Lastly just for fun I did a patriotic pin-up. I call her “Bullet Babe” every now and then you just have to play with those dangerous curves.

Look for more stuff soon. I have a request for a Bf-110 from a fan who would love to see that caricature and so maybe soon. Again as usual let me know what you would like to see.

Have a great weekend.