Dec 1 2010 New Art Added

Hello everyone. I must apologize for the long time between posts and adding new art. I can’t believe it has been this long. Hope is well on your end. Okay back to the update. Today we will be adding a couple of new caricatures and a couple old caricatures with new paint schemes. I have been very busy the last few weeks with at least 6 commissions. A couple will have to wait until after the holidays as they are gifts and I would hate to give away a surprise. First up are a couple for Australian helos. A CH-47D Chinook A15-103. This helo carries the paint scheme use during a Afghanistan deployment. It operates with C sq. 5th AVN Regiment “Brahmans” at RAAF base Townsville. The second Aussie helo is a S-70A-9 Blackhawk serial number A25-202. This machine is with 171st Aviation Sq. 6th AVN Regiment. The caricature is unusual as I added a flag background (at the customers request) and I really like the look and feel. It appears I have a following down under. I would like to thank both gentleman who commissioned these prints and hope all the crewman enjoy the caricatures.

Next up is a new version of my King Air. The is a UC-2F King Air with the US Navy in Japan. The aircraft, BUNO 163562 is attached to ComFairWestPac at NAF Atsugi Japan. This caricature is unique in that it was requested with a background suitable for its location. I think it came out really nice. I followed this caricature up with one of the several US Navy Centennial celebration special paint schemed aircraft. I recently saw a post on Facebook (yes I am on facebook) by the US Navy, showing a TC-12B Huron (King Air) painted in a early WWII paint scheme. Upper blue/gray over light gray with red and white rudder strips. I naturally took my King Air and painted it in the same scheme. The aircraft in the photo showed a VT-35 Stingray aircraft, but I could not make out the BuNu so I just used the same one as my King Air. So it is not 100% accurate to the VT-35 aircraft but damn close. I hope you enjoy.

Lastly today I have created a totally fictional paint scheme for my F/A-18C caricature. Using the US Navy’s Centennial paint schemes as a guide, I thought that it would be cool to see a current fighter in a historic scheme. Here is my version of a Heritage Scheme. I used the markings carried by VF-84 in the final stages of WWII. Flying F4U Corsairs off the USS Bunker Hill VF-84 aircraft were over all Gloss Sea Blue and at times carried a yellow nose band. I tried to be as accurate as possible. I based the scheme on LtCdr. Roger R. Hendrick’s aircraft. Hendrick was credited with 12 victories and 4 probables during the war. If you want to see other caricature in Heritage Schemes just let me know.

So there you have it. 5 new caricatures to tempt you. The Holidays are fast approaching. Blackheart Art caricatures make great holiday gifts. I am currently running a sale on all back stock prints. These are prints we take to air shows. I have a huge selection of 8.5×11 prints and a few 11×14’s, and a small collection of 12×17 prints left. Feel free to send me an email and I can let you know if the print you are looking for is available.

One last add. I am starting to make available some of my air show pictures. These are fine art images mostly black and white, that I feel would make good art style pictures. They are available through a web site I have used for posting sports photographs. The address is You can order prints directly through them as they handle everything. Prints are printed at a high quality photo lab and sent directly to you. Please feel free to swing by that site and let me know what you think.

So there you go, a healthy update just in time for the Holidays. I am hoping to have a few more updates before the new year. So keep checking back. Thanks to everyone who has supported Blackheart art in 2010.