Lou IV race 19 from 1985

Well I am back to add another air racer. This time a P-51D “stock” racer from 1985. I always liked this colorful scheme and have many slide images from Reno 85 and 86 to draw from. Here is race 19 Lou IV owned and raced by Tom Kelly and John Dilley. In 85 Lou IV finished 1st in the Silver final, flown by Mr. Kelly. It is interesting looking back at my pictures from those years. I noticed that inĀ  85 Lou IV had racing wing tips and in 86 had regular Mustang wing tips. Those into accuracy will note the winning time on the print is wrong. Yes I noticed it after I uploaded the image. The winning time show on the print is for the 86 Gold race where she finished 6th. The winning Silver time should be 374.418. Rest assured that the final print has been changed to reflect the correct time. Next up is Sumthin Else, John Crockers Championship winning Mustang.

P51D Lou IV

New art 10-26-15

After finishing up the Phantom Sunset, I wanted to see about adding another in the Sunset Series. I happened on my PBY caricature and thought it would be prefect. So here is number 4 in the Sunset series, Catalina Sunset. We find a lone PBY venturing out for a evening patrol in the Western Pacific on the eve of a major battle. Sort of a calm before the storm, the crew are treated to a beautiful sunset, as they settle in for a long, lonely patrol. Check it out in the Transport/ Refueler section. PBY Catalina

Happy Birthday P-51 Mustang

On October 26, 1940 The NA-73X Flew for the first time. That lead to arguably the greatest piston engine fighter ever made. The North American Aviation P-51 Mustang. Please check out all the Mustang caricatures we have in our fighters/propeller section. We are currently working a few more including the racer Sumthin Else and Lou IV.

P51D 55thFG "The Millie G"

New Additions 10-24-15

Finally we have new caricatures to add to the site. It has been awhile and we have a few additions for you.

First up is a new A-4C from VA-146 Blue Diamonds. This caricature is a commission for a gentleman the served with VA-146 in 1967 and was awarded the DFC for actions against river patrol boats. The mission was tasked with locating and destroying some patrol craft in the Red River Valley. LT(jg) Jeffrey Kral located, and destroyed a patrol boat while under accurate, continuous automatic weapons fire. He was awarded the DFC for the Aug, 12th Mission.

A-4C Cua Dai River 1967

It was a pleasure working with Mr Kral to create these caricatures. One includes the DFC Certificate and the Citation faded over a background of a river area. The other is the usual side profile.


Next up is a EA-50 Eclipse Business jet. This particular aircraft was flown by my nephew for his new job. He was checked out in the aircraft in Scottsdale so we added a IFR chart and a heavy cloud background. We also did a version with a photo my nephew took while flying the aircraft. I thought that a perfect background. We also have a few other backgrounds we were contemplating. If you want to see then check out our Facebook page.

EA50 Eclipse

Next up is a couple of Air Racers, both from the T-6 class. Miss Everything, and the 2014 and 2015 National Champion Midnight Miss III. Miss Everything was flown for many years by Ralph Rina a two time National Champion in the bird. Miss Everything since changed owners a few times and won more Championships, and is still racing at Reno. Midnight Miss III is the current two time champion. The caricature of Midnight Miss is sort of a work in progress. I need to get a few detail pictures to add some of the text and details on the rights side. I think there is a pin-up art work near the name but have not seen a good picture of it so I can recreate it for the caricature. Plus crew names and some sponsor information on that side. If you have any pictures to share so i can add the details shoot me an email.

T-6 Miss Midnight

Last but not least is a new addition to my “Sunset Series”. This time the F-4E. So far we have the F-14 and F-16 caricatures with sunset backgrounds, and we hope to add more in the future. This art work received a lot of feedback on our Facebook page. So check it out and let us know what you think.

Sunset Phantom


October 23, 2015

Welcome to the new and hopefully improved Blackheart Art web site. Take some time to look around and see what it new. We have added a lot of new caricatures that never had a chance to make it to the web site. We have also added some backgrounds to our regular side profiles. We hope these would add a bit more artistic look to the profiles. Something with a more “fine art” feel. Let us know what you think and if you would like to see more with backgrounds.

We have also added a pictures and fine art page. The pictures are images we have taken at the air shows we attend. These are available just like the regular art. On the fine art page you will fine some regular proportioned aircraft art. After all you can’t do caricatures all the time. Sometimes you just need to challenge yourself and try new stuff.

We will be adding a couple of new caricatures in the next few days so keep and eye out.

Again welcome to the new BHA web site and enjoy the art.