New art Book cover

Besides doing these wonderful fun caricatures, sometimes I get to do something a bit different. Recently a friend approached me about doing the art for his forthcoming book. He is a sports writer and driving force behind the Mid Valley Sports web site. He recently finished a novel set at a fictional high school and tells the tale of the star QB and wide receiver. As it so happened I just happen to have worked on a few football based art works a few years back while my nephew was playing football at Temple City High School. I was lucky enough to act as the team photographer for a few years and not content to just do the pictures I started playing with creating interesting art works with the pictures. When Joe told me about the subject and premise of his book I immediately thought these art works would be prefect. Joe and I worked out a very cool cover for the book and now that he has posted about it on his web site I can unveil it here as well So here is my first book cover… “Tangent Dreams”, by Joe Torosian. The book will he available from Amazon at the end of November so if you are looking to get a fun book about high school football, check it out. Mid Valley


New caricatures Fokker Dr.1

Okay here we go. Finally some new caricatures and just in time for the Christmas rush. I have had several people recently, (and you know who you are) drop subtle hints about having a Fokker Dr1 caricature as part of my collection. I have had a basic sketch of the Dr on paper for some time and it has just been patrolling the back burner as other caricatures have been deployed to the front. Well here it is… the BHA version of the Dr1. And why stop at just one. We have added two (and at least two more waiting in the wings.

First up is Manfred von Richthofen’s DR1 425/17. This version is one of the early paint schemes (a follow up version will be the late white tail in which he was shot down after scoring kills number 79 and 80) and the all red that we all associate with the Baron.

Fokker Dr 1

Next up is the blue and white Dr1 of Lt August Raben of Jasta 18. There are reports and speculation that this aircraft was actually red and white. (I will also have that version for the purists out there) I really like the blue version so that is where I went.

Lt August Raben Dr1

Lastly (at least for this post) we have a fine art version of Manfred von Richthofen’s Dr.1. I have created a print with the “Baron” cruising above the country side looking for his next ‘victim’ and enjoying the calm before the storm. The freedom of flight that all pilots embrace. I might look to put both Dr’s in one print like this so look for that soon.

Red Baron Dr1