Second Book Cover

Hey again

I have completed my second book cover illustration. The book by Joe Torosian is call “Dead Bug Tales”Dead Bugs and is a novel based on Church Camp adventures. Check it out on Amazon, along with the fist book cover, Tangent Dreams, a novel about High School football. A great read.


New art added

Hey all,

Sorry it has been awhile since the last post. I will endeavor to post more updates in the future. Please feel free to check out the galleries and I have added some new art works. I finished up there versions of the 747 cargo for a client. All three in UPS colors. &47-4F, 747-4 passenger conversion cargo, and the newest 747 the mighty 747-8F. I also completed a new airline caricature, the ERJ-175. This one is of a personal nature, as it is the aircraft my nephew flew for the first time as First Officer with Compass Air Lines. Way to go Jon.

I added several art works the caricature at section. These are caricatures with backgrounds. I sometime put these together for special occasions, like Memorial day. Please check out this years special prints.

I also added a few commissions like a KC-135 out of March AFB, refueling a B-52, a Extra 300, the 747’s of course and a few more. Speaking of commissions I am currently working on several new commissions. A Short Sunderland, two CRJ-200’s, a RAF F4 from 111 Sq. and two helos, a Dauphin, and EC135… oh and Dornier 328. So my plate is quit full at the moment.

I complete a new air racer and the first in the Biplane class. A Pitts S1 call Smokin Hot. Raced by Sam Swift of Swift racing.

That pretty much covers this update. Lots of new images and caricatures. If I have missed anything I will try and get it up soon. Please check out my Facebook page and follow me and the caricatures as they come off the drawing board. I always post the new stuff there.

As usual if you don’t see a particular aircraft just shoot me an email. We do commissions. Also I would love to hear what you think. again check out my FB page and drop me a line.