Retro DC3 from 737

Hey all, Okay I was at my day job and was thinking how the Boeing 737 could be considered the DC-3 of it’s time. So it inspired me to create Boeing’s next big thing after the 737 MAX debacle, the B737/DC-3r retro liner. Taking a page from the auto industry they create a retro looking airliner. DC3 style fuselage and tails with new turbo fans and modern wings with winglets. I did one in Boeing hose colors and one in the colors of my day job, GLS, so it would be the cargo version. After the first one I add a bit of caricature to the GLS and Boeing prototype.

Next up is a nod to Hank Caruso the famous caricature artist with my version of the ERJ -175 in American Eagle livery, and Compass Airlines. Compass has unfortunately since gone out of business mostly because of Covid, but also the loss of American as a business partner.

Have a great day and enjoy the art. Any suggestions please feel free to contact me and let me know what you would like to see next. Currently I am working on a QF-16 for a past client, and a new A-4C for another DFC winner.

New Art Added!

Well I finally did it and updated my site. I can’t believe it has been so long since I added new art. Anyway I just updated the following categories. Trainer, Airliners, Racers, Cars, Attack, Prop Fighters, Transports, Fine Art, Characters and several more. Please take a minute to check out the new stuff.

I just finished a could commissions, a B-24L from the pacific Theater, and two regular side profiles of an A-4C and a A-7B for a past client. He had the same to planes done as caricatures and now wanted regular profiles Thanks Jeff.

I hope to keep posting more often. I have a few pin-ups I want to add, and a couple nose arts. I also did a couple book covers for a great Author Joe Torosian I want to add.

Thanks for Visiting and if you like what you see feel free to purchase or just leave a comment.

Thanks, BHA