New Art… finally

Hey everyone. Sorry it have been so long since I have posted an update. I have been feverishly working on some new art and several commissions. Currently I am working one three different 747’s all for a client at UPS. We have completed a 747-400CF a 747-400 BCF and we are currently working on a new 747-800CF. We completed a Mooney for a client and have just finished a Pitts S-1 for the same client. We are doing a repaint on an SR-22 for another customer as well as a few more commissions. We also have added a few more art pieces of some existing caricatures. as well as a special car caricature for a local landmark here in So Cal. I also¬† added a new caricature with character. This time a FJ Fury. I plan on doing several versions of this caricatures in several different media. I have completed the standard digital coloring version. I am trying to finish up a graphite version and have planned out a color pencil version.

I have added a new P-51 Racer from the early days of Reno. Race 9, a chocolate brownand white trimmed racer. Race 9 Adams

I also addded my first Jet Class racer, the 2016 National Champion winner, American Spirit, an Aero L-39 Albatross



I will try and post the images as soon as I can and I hope to make these updated a more regular occurrence.




Here are a few new Hornet caricatures I put together recently.

First up is the opposing solos from the Blue Angels exciting the crowd. (editors note: yes the Solo’s should not have an apostrophe and it has been fixed on the prints)


Also I put together this in memory of the Blues Solos pilot lost earlier this year while practicing for an Air Show.

F/A 18 Jeff Kuss BA6

And finally this one together the other day. VMFA (AW) 121 Green Knights F/A-18 Hornets on patrol. The G Knights now fly the new F-35

VMFA (AW)-121

New Air Racer, Sumthin Else

I can’t believe it has been since July that I have posted an updated. I have been busy working on a few commissions that are under wraps until they are presented to the intended. In the mean time I have had a chance to finally finish one of the air racers I have always wanted to do. The National champion from 1979, beating out the famous Red Baron who was just seconds away from a forced belly landing which destroyed the racer and badly injured the pilot, is the modified P-51 Mustang “Sumthin Else”. Owned and racer by Mr. John Crocker. I have long thought that this racer which was previously know as Miss Foxy Lady, raced by Ken Burnstien, had a very attractive and simple paint scheme. In the later years the paint scheme changes to a very dark blue and white, but this is how she looked in 1979. After Mr Crocker pass, the plane was sold and became a TF-51D owned by Stallion 51 and carries the name Crazy Horse II. Another modified racer that has been converted back to stock form. I have added two version, one with standard side profile and one with background. Check out the Air Racer section for this and more Air Racers.

Sumthin Else Art

I also have added my first Bristol Beaufighter to my ever growing Air Force, I have painted this in in the markings of 417th Fighter Squadron while based in Corsica. Hopefully I will do either a RAF or New Zealand AF version.


April 22, 2011

I would love to see a few Eagles rockin a retro scheme like these. Here is a basic pre war scheme. All the Eagle “Heritage Schemes” I applied to Gulf War Mig killer Eagles. Who out there would out like to see this flying around the pattern?

April 25, 2011

After posting a few “Heritage Scheme” USAF Eagles, I thought I would look to some other aircraft. This time a C-17 that someone suggested would look cool in DDay markings. So here you go. I did add a few scuff and weathering to the “picture” to just see how it would look. After all it is a “vintage picture” I think it would be awesome to see a few C-17’s dropping troops in this scheme. Imagine a D-Day commerative flight and drop in June……call it a 82nd Airborne mass drop training.

April 29, 2011

After doing several F-15’s Eagles in Heritage markings I thought I would look to the Falcon for a few more. Here is my first ‘Heritage Scheme’ for the F-16. This one in 357th FG markings and a nod to Ace Bud Anderson.

April 29, 2011

This Heritage Scheme is from the 60’s and was worn by Air Defense Command F-102’s from the 57th FIS. I think I might like to see the same time period on an F-15, but the Falcon looks cool. If the USAF does not want to paint their birds in retor schemes becuase they want all tac birds ready… then paint the Aggressors and test eval squadrons…. in retro. Love to see these flying around.