Ukrainian SU-27 Flanker and more.

Hey everyone. It has been months since the last update and I apologize. I have been working on a few secret projects that once I can divulge I will. But for now I have added a few new P-40B caricatures, one from the Flying Tigers, flown by Tex Hill, one from the RAF with Australian pilot Caldwell, and Ken Taylor’s Pearl Harbor P-40, I also have added a print with Taylor’s P-40 and a Zero he shot down on Dec. 7th. I also added a P-36 flown by Rassmussen on Dec. 7th and a print of the P-36 and the Val he shot down.

In preperation for the Pearl Harbor prints I did this year I also did a Val caricature.

Next up is a new SU-27 Flanker in Ukrainian markings. Plus a special grey wolf print.

Lastly I have finally finished the Balao Class Submarine Pampanito. This caricature I have had on the drawing board for some time and finally finished it. Once I finished the USS Pampanito I had to do the USS Sea Tiger from the movie Operation Petticoat and the USS, Stringray from the movie Down Periscope.

I also added a new KC-135 caricature this time 3/4 view. This KC is from the 100th ARW.

I think that about covers all the new stuff. Keep checking back I promise to update more often.