April 27, 2010 New Art Added

Hello again, today we bring you a new/updated art work. One of my early caricatures was a Spitfire. At the time I was unsure what paint scheme I should pick so I just had fun with it and did my own scheme. Anyway I have been improving my skills and thought, why not revisit that old caricature, besides the Spitfire is world famous and a fan favorite. I figured I should have at least one historical profile. So here you go. A Supermarine Spitfire MkVb. This caricature depicts the Spitfire which Wing Cdr Robert Stanford Tuck was flying when he was brought down by flak during a low level mission in Jan. 1942. At the time Cdr Tuck was credited with a total of 27 victories plus 2 shared. I may do a couple more Spitfires as I would like to do a recon version in the pale blue scheme or one with the tropical filter hanging off the front. I have always liked the way this caricature came out. It really looks proportional and yet it has a very curvy look just perfect for a caricature. Some planes are very hard to make look good as caricatures, but other like the Spitfire work out great.  If you have any suggestions for future Spitfire art works or are interested in purchasing a print of this great aircraft, just email me.