May 31, 2014

Here is my latest caricature. This time my third tank, the Sherman. This M4A1, while not the same version as the one used in Kelly’s Hero’s, one of my favorite movies, I did paint it up as a tribute to Oddball and his band of tankers. “When we were in the Bocage country we was assaulted by them Tigers….. you know what I mean…. Assaulted!

May 3, 2014

First day of the show and it was HOT. Great flying, the F-22 did fantastic routine. The wench turners stopped by the booth the see my F-22 caricature, thanks guys, and got to meet a lot of FB friends and Blackheart art fans and past customers. Thanks to all who stopped by. Wombat the book is coming…..

March 29, 2014

Thought I would add a background the my Comet Caricature. Started off with my usual sky clouds and low level stuff bit it morphed into a more vintage looking style. Hey just like in the movies traveling by map. Hope you all like it….. prints of both versions are available.