Lou IV race 19 from 1985

Well I am back to add another air racer. This time a P-51D “stock” racer from 1985. I always liked this colorful scheme and have many slide images from Reno 85 and 86 to draw from. Here is race 19 Lou IV owned and raced by Tom Kelly and John Dilley. In 85 Lou IV finished 1st in the Silver final, flown by Mr. Kelly. It is interesting looking back at my pictures from those years. I noticed that inĀ  85 Lou IV had racing wing tips and in 86 had regular Mustang wing tips. Those into accuracy will note the winning time on the print is wrong. Yes I noticed it after I uploaded the image. The winning time show on the print is for the 86 Gold race where she finished 6th. The winning Silver time should be 374.418. Rest assured that the final print has been changed to reflect the correct time. Next up is Sumthin Else, John Crockers Championship winning Mustang.

P51D Lou IV

New art 10-26-15

After finishing up the Phantom Sunset, I wanted to see about adding another in the Sunset Series. I happened on my PBY caricature and thought it would be prefect. So here is number 4 in the Sunset series, Catalina Sunset. We find a lone PBY venturing out for a evening patrol in the Western Pacific on the eve of a major battle. Sort of a calm before the storm, the crew are treated to a beautiful sunset, as they settle in for a long, lonely patrol. Check it out in the Transport/ Refueler section. PBY Catalina

Happy Birthday P-51 Mustang

On October 26, 1940 The NA-73X Flew for the first time. That lead to arguably the greatest piston engine fighter ever made. The North American Aviation P-51 Mustang. Please check out all the Mustang caricatures we have in our fighters/propeller section. We are currently working a few more including the racer Sumthin Else and Lou IV.

P51D 55thFG "The Millie G"