New caricatures added.

Hello everyone.

Today we added a few new caricatures. Two custom commissions, a C-130H with MAFFs firefighting gear, and a Cessna 182. We also added a new air racer, Ed Weiner’s, Bardahl Miss from 1968 Reno Air Races. This is one of my favorite racers, and I even did a regular profile back when I was air brushing some art. I hope to do a couple other versions of his pylon racer, the early bronze color and the wild tiger strip version. I might add those two to my regular side profiles. Reno is just a few months away so I hope to get out a few more racers.

Bardahl Miss


Biz Jets

It have been awhile since my last post. I have been busy with new commissions and print orders, plus the day job is as usual putting a crimp on art production. The latest complete customer caricatures are some biz jets for a English aircraft service company, 2 Challenger Jets, 2 Global Express jets,  and a Hawker. I am currently working on a C-130H with firefight equipment for a valued customer so look for that soon.. Also I have been working on all the pictures I took at the Planes of Fame’s annual airshow so check out my Facebook page (Pat Cherry) to see some of those. I might add a few to the photos section.Okay that is is for now so please check out the civilian section for the new biz jets, and let me know what you think.


Voodoo Speed record Prints

Hello all

As stated in an earlier post I updated my  Voodoo Caricature with the new Speed record scheme and the Reno Scheme. Now I have put together a print to honor both the Red Baron flown by Steve Hinton to world record in 1979 and his son Steve Hinton Jr who flew Voodoo this year to a new world record. You can find both in the Air Racers section. BH

Red Baron Voodoo

New Airliner caricatures

Okay it has been awhile again…. but i have several updated and new airliner caricatures. First up thanks to the client that ordered two new CRJ caricatures (from the left side) and a Dornier 328Jet. The two CRJ’s are from Atlantic Coast Airlines and Independence Air. The Dornier is also from Atlantic Coast Airlines, operating with Delta Connection colors

For the same client I have created a three version ship formation of the Cargo 747’s operated by UPS to a “Fleet Print”. I call the print “Jumbo Fleet” The print includes the new747-8F, the older 747-400C and the passenger conversion to freight 747-400.

I have been busy doing several commissions including an updated RAF F-4 Phantom from 111 Squadron. Also coming soon a EC-145 Life Flight helo from Houston, Texas and a Dauphin Helo that is from the Maryland PD.


On the air racing front, the Reno Air Races have come and gone for 2017 and it looks like it was a great year. Hopefully next year I will be able to get up ther and enjoy the show. This year the big match up in the unlimited class was between the 3Km Speed record holder Voodoo and the super mustang Sterga. Voodoo and just a few weeks before set an new speed record for the 3km course at 531 mph and change. Strega was fastest qualifier this year followed by Voodoo and they racer 1 & 2 all weekend. In the end Strega hold on and took the championship. In looking at all the results daily from each class there seemed to be a lot of very close racing with very close finishes, if not for first and second then back in the fields. I have added the two new versions of Voodoo, the record setting speed run scheme and the Reno scheme.  I am also working to complete several T-6 class racers, and a could formula 1 class racers. Stay tuned.

Dornierweb3_jpgF4 RAF


Second Book Cover

Hey again

I have completed my second book cover illustration. The book by Joe Torosian is call “Dead Bug Tales”Dead Bugs and is a novel based on Church Camp adventures. Check it out on Amazon, along with the fist book cover, Tangent Dreams, a novel about High School football. A great read.


New art added

Hey all,

Sorry it has been awhile since the last post. I will endeavor to post more updates in the future. Please feel free to check out the galleries and I have added some new art works. I finished up there versions of the 747 cargo for a client. All three in UPS colors. &47-4F, 747-4 passenger conversion cargo, and the newest 747 the mighty 747-8F. I also completed a new airline caricature, the ERJ-175. This one is of a personal nature, as it is the aircraft my nephew flew for the first time as First Officer with Compass Air Lines. Way to go Jon.

I added several art works the caricature at section. These are caricatures with backgrounds. I sometime put these together for special occasions, like Memorial day. Please check out this years special prints.

I also added a few commissions like a KC-135 out of March AFB, refueling a B-52, a Extra 300, the 747’s of course and a few more. Speaking of commissions I am currently working on several new commissions. A Short Sunderland, two CRJ-200’s, a RAF F4 from 111 Sq. and two helos, a Dauphin, and EC135… oh and Dornier 328. So my plate is quit full at the moment.

I complete a new air racer and the first in the Biplane class. A Pitts S1 call Smokin Hot. Raced by Sam Swift of Swift racing.

That pretty much covers this update. Lots of new images and caricatures. If I have missed anything I will try and get it up soon. Please check out my Facebook page and follow me and the caricatures as they come off the drawing board. I always post the new stuff there.

As usual if you don’t see a particular aircraft just shoot me an email. We do commissions. Also I would love to hear what you think. again check out my FB page and drop me a line.


New Art… finally

Hey everyone. Sorry it have been so long since I have posted an update. I have been feverishly working on some new art and several commissions. Currently I am working one three different 747’s all for a client at UPS. We have completed a 747-400CF a 747-400 BCF and we are currently working on a new 747-800CF. We completed a Mooney for a client and have just finished a Pitts S-1 for the same client. We are doing a repaint on an SR-22 for another customer as well as a few more commissions. We also have added a few more art pieces of some existing caricatures. as well as a special car caricature for a local landmark here in So Cal. I also¬† added a new caricature with character. This time a FJ Fury. I plan on doing several versions of this caricatures in several different media. I have completed the standard digital coloring version. I am trying to finish up a graphite version and have planned out a color pencil version.

I have added a new P-51 Racer from the early days of Reno. Race 9, a chocolate brownand white trimmed racer. Race 9 Adams

I also addded my first Jet Class racer, the 2016 National Champion winner, American Spirit, an Aero L-39 Albatross



I will try and post the images as soon as I can and I hope to make these updated a more regular occurrence.



Christmas Ornaments for 2017

Last year we offered a round Christmas ornaments with your choice of caricatures inside. We are doing the same again this year. check out the examples below. ornaments are $10 plus shipping. You can pick which two images from our collection of caricatures you would like inside and whether you would like them plain, with just the aircraft, or with “Happy Holidays or “Merry Christmas”.

Merry Christmas BHA!












Calendars have been ordered

The first ever Blackheart Art caricature calendars have been ordered. We ordered a limited number of wall calendars and Desk Top Calendars to gauge the interest. If we sell these out then the plan will be to do another one next year or two next year in larger numbers. The wall calendars are made with heavy card stock with glossy image pages. So order now and when they arrive we will process your order. Remember these are limited.