New Air Racing Prints

Hey Everyone, Happy Holidays. Thanksgiving has past and we are on the home stretch for the Christmas season and the end of the year. Something everyone is hoping to lead to a better new year. Okay today we add two new racing prints. I have combined a couple racers into a combo prints showing close up Air Racing.

The first print I call Power Sport. It combines the two powerhouse racers in the Sport class, a Super Glasair II, Race 39 flown by Jeff LaVelle, a multiple National Champion and One Moment, a Super Legacy Lancair flown by Andrew Findlay. One Moment has the distinction of braking the 400 MPH mark for the class. This would put her in the mid to upper level of the Unlimited class. Quite impressive for a home built racer powered by a 6 cylinder race engine. The Sport Class is probably the future of air racing. Reno Sport Class.

One Moment and Race 39 Reno Air races. Sport Class Air racing

The next new print combines to rivals in the T-6 class. Miss Ellaneous and Miss Humboldt Hunny. Miss Ellaneous is an SNJ, raced by Bill Muszala, while Miss Humbolt Hunny, race 73, is a T-6G. Both of these aircraft seem to battle all week finishing either one two in their heat races. Sometime trading places at the finish. Miss Humboldt Hunny flown by Ralph Rina finished the 2019 races winning the Bronze race. Just a reminder I have individual prints of all these aircraft available in the racer section of this web site.

Air Racing, T6 Class Reno Air races, Drag Racing. Miss Ellaneous and Miss Humboldt Hunny.

New Air Racers Added

We have added several new poster style versions of our Air Racing caricatures. Please check them out in the air racers section. I think they are very cool and look like vintage racing posters. I am looking into the possibility of creating garden flags so fans can display their favorite team./ racer.

We have also added a new Formula One racer the Cassutt IIIM, Sleeper. (see above) This air racer is owned by Josh Phillipson (who also owns and pilots, No Strings Attached) and piloted in 2019 by Des Hart. There are three versions, out regular profile, a version of Sleeper crossing the home pylon, and one of the new racing strip series.

Retro DC3 from 737

Hey all, Okay I was at my day job and was thinking how the Boeing 737 could be considered the DC-3 of it’s time. So it inspired me to create Boeing’s next big thing after the 737 MAX debacle, the B737/DC-3r retro liner. Taking a page from the auto industry they create a retro looking airliner. DC3 style fuselage and tails with new turbo fans and modern wings with winglets. I did one in Boeing hose colors and one in the colors of my day job, GLS, so it would be the cargo version. After the first one I add a bit of caricature to the GLS and Boeing prototype.

Next up is a nod to Hank Caruso the famous caricature artist with my version of the ERJ -175 in American Eagle livery, and Compass Airlines. Compass has unfortunately since gone out of business mostly because of Covid, but also the loss of American as a business partner.

Have a great day and enjoy the art. Any suggestions please feel free to contact me and let me know what you would like to see next. Currently I am working on a QF-16 for a past client, and a new A-4C for another DFC winner.

New Art Added!

Well I finally did it and updated my site. I can’t believe it has been so long since I added new art. Anyway I just updated the following categories. Trainer, Airliners, Racers, Cars, Attack, Prop Fighters, Transports, Fine Art, Characters and several more. Please take a minute to check out the new stuff.

I just finished a could commissions, a B-24L from the pacific Theater, and two regular side profiles of an A-4C and a A-7B for a past client. He had the same to planes done as caricatures and now wanted regular profiles Thanks Jeff.

I hope to keep posting more often. I have a few pin-ups I want to add, and a couple nose arts. I also did a couple book covers for a great Author Joe Torosian I want to add.

Thanks for Visiting and if you like what you see feel free to purchase or just leave a comment.

Thanks, BHA

New caricatures added.

Hello everyone.

Today we added a few new caricatures. Two custom commissions, a C-130H with MAFFs firefighting gear, and a Cessna 182. We also added a new air racer, Ed Weiner’s, Bardahl Miss from 1968 Reno Air Races. This is one of my favorite racers, and I even did a regular profile back when I was air brushing some art. I hope to do a couple other versions of his pylon racer, the early bronze color and the wild tiger strip version. I might add those two to my regular side profiles. Reno is just a few months away so I hope to get out a few more racers.

Bardahl Miss


Biz Jets

It have been awhile since my last post. I have been busy with new commissions and print orders, plus the day job is as usual putting a crimp on art production. The latest complete customer caricatures are some biz jets for a English aircraft service company, 2 Challenger Jets, 2 Global Express jets,  and a Hawker. I am currently working on a C-130H with firefight equipment for a valued customer so look for that soon.. Also I have been working on all the pictures I took at the Planes of Fame’s annual airshow so check out my Facebook page (Pat Cherry) to see some of those. I might add a few to the photos section.Okay that is is for now so please check out the civilian section for the new biz jets, and let me know what you think.


Voodoo Speed record Prints

Hello all

As stated in an earlier post I updated my  Voodoo Caricature with the new Speed record scheme and the Reno Scheme. Now I have put together a print to honor both the Red Baron flown by Steve Hinton to world record in 1979 and his son Steve Hinton Jr who flew Voodoo this year to a new world record. You can find both in the Air Racers section. BH

Red Baron Voodoo

New Airliner caricatures

Okay it has been awhile again…. but i have several updated and new airliner caricatures. First up thanks to the client that ordered two new CRJ caricatures (from the left side) and a Dornier 328Jet. The two CRJ’s are from Atlantic Coast Airlines and Independence Air. The Dornier is also from Atlantic Coast Airlines, operating with Delta Connection colors

For the same client I have created a three version ship formation of the Cargo 747’s operated by UPS to a “Fleet Print”. I call the print “Jumbo Fleet” The print includes the new747-8F, the older 747-400C and the passenger conversion to freight 747-400.

I have been busy doing several commissions including an updated RAF F-4 Phantom from 111 Squadron. Also coming soon a EC-145 Life Flight helo from Houston, Texas and a Dauphin Helo that is from the Maryland PD.


On the air racing front, the Reno Air Races have come and gone for 2017 and it looks like it was a great year. Hopefully next year I will be able to get up ther and enjoy the show. This year the big match up in the unlimited class was between the 3Km Speed record holder Voodoo and the super mustang Sterga. Voodoo and just a few weeks before set an new speed record for the 3km course at 531 mph and change. Strega was fastest qualifier this year followed by Voodoo and they racer 1 & 2 all weekend. In the end Strega hold on and took the championship. In looking at all the results daily from each class there seemed to be a lot of very close racing with very close finishes, if not for first and second then back in the fields. I have added the two new versions of Voodoo, the record setting speed run scheme and the Reno scheme.  I am also working to complete several T-6 class racers, and a could formula 1 class racers. Stay tuned.

Dornierweb3_jpgF4 RAF


Second Book Cover

Hey again

I have completed my second book cover illustration. The book by Joe Torosian is call “Dead Bug Tales”Dead Bugs and is a novel based on Church Camp adventures. Check it out on Amazon, along with the fist book cover, Tangent Dreams, a novel about High School football. A great read.